Maintenance & repair

Nearly all kind of services can be handled in a very short time.
  • Sharpening of HSS-cut-off-saw blades
  • Retoothing of HSS-cut-off saw blades
  • Coating
  • Rectifying of saw blades
  • Sharpening of TCT saw blades
  • Replaching of TCT-tips on TCT saw blades incl. sharpening
  • Repair of segmental saw blades (Replacement of segments)
  • Sharpening of router bits and drills, incl. profiled cutters
  • Sharpening of circular knives
  • Modifications of central bores

Resharpening and retoothing of HSS-Cut-Off-Saw Blades

These processes are executed on modern CNC machines. A final check includes monitoring of the finish and geometry, to provide the best performance in operation.

Our machines are capable to work out nearly all known types of toothforms and geometry
  • tootform: A, AW, B, BW, HZ, BR
  • modification of rack- and clearance angles
  • Vario-toothing (Group 8)
  • removal of piercings and larger break-outs
  • etc.


According to customers request we are able to do a regular full face coating, frame-coating or remove the coating.

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All blades are being straightened on CNC machines during manufacturing. Following after they will be controlled and straightened by hand, if necessary. Our service provides an additional manual straightening and tensioning process, when saw blades are showing too much side-run-out, or having too less tension. This is a skill which not many suppliers can offer on new or used blades.
Controlling on precision measuring devices and eventual necessary corrections made by hand guarantees a high precision and a better performance.

Maintenance and reconditioning on TCT saw blades

It is self-evident that we are offering as well the maintenance and reconditioning of all kind of TCT and DP saw blades, done on the most modern machinery, including repair and replacement of damaged teeth.
This operation includes a final check in respect of side-run-out, excentricity and control of radial and tangential angles.

Repair of segmental saw blades

One of the advantages of segmental saw blades is the possibility to change damaged segments. This repair is one of our most requested services and requires the knowledge of the provenience of the blades and the determination of single defect segments. After replacement of the segments, the blades will be toothed on the maximum diameter and sharpened. If necessary the will be retensioned as well.