Cooling liquids + Tool maintenance

Product Categories
A top performance of a machine tool is only guaranteed, when being cleaned after the working process. This includes as well the correct and coherent lubricant and cooling liquid for a trouble-free application.
No mind, wheter you are looking for the right maintenance liquid/ spray or for the most selective lubricant-cooling liquid for metal cutting. You will always find the right product.

Digest of our product range:

  • CORTAFIX Special lubricant-cooling concentrat for metal cutting Spezial-Kühlmittelkonzentrat
  • CORTAMIN High Performance special lubricant-cooling concentrate for spray-cooling systems
  • ALUMIN special aluminium lubricant
  • WAX Grease wax, universal lubricant for steel and aluminium
  • Silicon 88 - form relaese agent in spray form - Silicon based
  • SILBERGLEIT Paste or liquid - antifriction grease
  • BIOFIX resin remover concentrate
  • AluEx - removes aluminium bake-ons and layers from machine tools
  • Tubs for saw blades washine
  • ... and much more!!!