In this day and age it is essential to produce hight class quality with the best of tools in an economic way.
The critical points are always the finish of the cut and the wear/ lifetime of the blade. Combined with an optimum of machine parameters represents this our daily challenge.
Physical Vapor Deposition: means a vapour-phase deposition technique which creates a lot of important advantages.
  • Coating temperatures between 200-500°C (guarantees dimensional accuracy and hardness of the blade)
  • layer thickness: accurate on the µ with equal dispensation
  • ecological friendly production by residue coating on the most advanced coating plants


Possible coating variations

  • TiN - Titannitride
  • TiAlN - Titanaluminiumnitride
  • TiCN - Titancarbonitride
  • CrN - Chromnitride
  • REKORD Cut2000 - REKORD-special combi coating
  • MICRO-FINISH - special smoothing of the blade faces
  • additional special coatings available

Hardchromium Plating (HV)

REKORD®hardchromium plated saw blades are appointed to use in the food-industry, as well as in the woodworking industry.
The benefit of the hardchromium plating in the wood-industry is the hardness of the saw blade tips and the minimized friction coefficient, which avoids sticking of resin. It also avoids the resetting of the teeth-setting.
For the food-industry it is essential to use rust-protected saw blades, which the hardchromium plating is granting.

Different manners of hardchromium plating

  • HV- single hardchromium layer
  • DHV - double hardchromium layer