Circular Sawblades

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Since formation of our company our main object is allways to provide and develop the correct saw blade for the most advanced materials. Thereby we maintain a very large stock, matching nearly all kind of application requests. No mind, wheter for pure wood-working, metal-cutting or multi-component materials - we will offer a convenient solution.

TCT-Circular saw blades

Due to the amount of applications of TCT-circular saw blades we can just give you a glance on the product.

Times have passed since TCT blades were used exclusively in wood and aluminium cutting. Nowadays the challenge is to cut frequently newly designed and developed multi-component materials. Therefore the request for optimized TCT blades has increase considerably and the technical development had to invent highly sophisticated solutions.

Meanwhile we are able to cut in accordance with suitable machinery even steel in an economic way. Also component material of metal, wood, plastics can be cut satisfactory.

Our stock offers a large variety of premium quality blades for industrial purposes. As well as blades for craftsmen - on power tools or stationary machines - or saw blades for saw mills in heavy duty execution, up to TA-cut-off-blades for steel.

No requests remain unaccomplished.

Chrome-Vanadium- / Chrome-steel Circular saw blades

Even not belonging to the advanced techniques blades, CVA and CS-saw blades are still under demand, doing their job in the saw-mill or for rough cutting of firewood.
They are still used when the finish of the cut is not of big importance. Their teeth are more resistant and less sensible when the material might contain enclosures of nails,staples,etc.
Our stock offers all diameters for popular machinery, including cut-off, radial, see-saw and pendulum machines.
By means of "Hardchromium Plating" we can achieve even a better lifetime on the blades and less resin gripage. Also special saw blades for the food-industry can be furnished whit this kind of layer.

HSS-DMo5-/HSS-E/Co5% Cut-off-saw blades for steel

Cut-off-saw blades made of HSS-DMo5 (1.3343) or HSS-E/Co5% (1.3243) are available in bright finish or vaporized (steamtreated). They are produced and checked in accordance to the conditions and tolerances of the machine manufacturerers. All blades are equipped with the necessary pinhole combination for the most popular machines on the European market. Others are available upon request.

By request or upon proposal of our technicians we offer a PVD-coating on all HSS-blades. PVD-coatings guarantee a high efficiency and improvement in the cutting process, especially for industrial application.

For further improvement we provide a special service in respect of limited side-run-out of the blades. Many applications require very fine tolerances in this respect and we therefore offer a modification of the tension of the blade and a manual hammering to aquire the best side-run-out possible.

You have the choice between regular pitch and VARIO-toothing which we promote under the brand VARIDEN since the early 90th. VARIDEN toothed blades have a wider cutting range, which avoids machine stoppage due to change of the blades. The feed can be chosen higher and it gives less vibrations, so the finish of the cut is smoother and the lifetime longer. This refers especially to cross-sections and thickwalled profiles.

HSS-DMo5 Slitting saw blades as per DIN

We are famous for our awesome stock in slitting-saw blades as per DIN 1837 A, 1838 B, 1838 C / BW.

All blades are manufactured with hub. On request we can deliver as well without hub.

A PVD-Coating is optional, but recomendable for higher cutting speeds and feed. These attributes in combination are splendid precondition for a long lasting partnership to all wholesalers.

Solid carbide slitting saw blades as per DIN

Parallel to the HSS-slitting saw blade stock we have established a growing stock in solid carbid slitting saw blades up to diameter 160 mm - in fine or coarse toothing. All for your convenience.

Of course a PVD-coating is provided for these blades too.

CVA-/ 70WM- Friction saw blades

These steel-cut-off-saw blades by high revolutions represent the old generation and are known on the market for decades already. They are used mainly on TRENNJÄGER machines and are still on demand. Although replaced nowadays by more efficient technologies, we still kept them on stock in the most popular sizes.

We offer them in two different qualities: Chrome-Vanadium- (CVA) and Tungsten-Molybdenium- (70WM) steel.

Segmental saw blades

Segmental saw blades with segments of HSS-DMo5 (1.3343) are mainly used for cutting large sections on low-speed cut-off-machines. They are available from stock or within a very short time up to 910 mm diameter. Up to 1430 mm diameter upon request.

Circular saw blades for tube cutting

These blades are mainly produced in HSS-E/Co5% quality and are suitable for tube-cutting machines GF / ORBITALUM and AXXAIR. In standard execution the tooth geometry is destined for cutting INOX - stainless steel. All blades are hollow ground and carry a hub. Toothform is BW. Diameters available from stock are: 63, 68 and 80 mm with different numbers of teeth.

Ordering with any kind of PVD-coating is possible.

The newest generation of tube-cutting-machines are equipped with larger TCT or CERMET saw blades (140 mm), since the challenge is to cut faster and larger wallthicknesses.

Both types are available from stock.